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What Backup Providers are Keeping from You

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Protecting large file servers with traditional backup solutions is a challenging task. Organizations have been working on creating a file system, UniFS®, that can automatically protect itself. They engage in conversations with customers to explain the benefits of this new approach to file systems. The focus is on how technology can benefit their business rather than its originality or design.

The rise of ransomware has highlighted the need for effective solutions. Cloud-native file systems, with unlimited immutable versions, enable enterprises to recover millions of files within minutes after a ransomware attack. On the other hand, traditional backup methods are inadequate. The entire backup model needs to be reimagined to address the challenges posed by ransomware attacks.

Backup vendors often neglect the importance of recoverability, but in the face of ransomware attacks, fast recoveries are essential for survival. Companies cannot rely on backup solutions that are ill-equipped to counter ransomware threats. Precision technology solutions are needed for rapid recoveries. The video below demonstrates how backups fall short in helping enterprises recover quickly from ransomware attacks and presents alternative options for swift recoveries.



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