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Utilizing CTEM to Enhance Cloud Security

Cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular and vulnerable. In 2023, a shocking 82% of data breaches targeted public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, with nearly 40% spanning multiple cloud platforms. The average cost of a cloud breach was $4.75 million, above the overall average.

Despite the widespread adoption of cloud services, security challenges persist. One major issue is the lack of visibility into cloud resources, making it hard to detect suspicious activity and leaving vulnerabilities unchecked. Inconsistencies in cloud vendor permission management systems also pose a challenge, leading to complexity and increasing the risk of breaches.

The involvement of multiple teams in cloud deployments further complicates security, with ownership and accountability often blurred. Attacks moving between cloud and on-prem environments add to the risk. Robust cloud security solutions are urgently needed to provide comprehensive visibility, standardized permission management, and clear responsibility lines.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is crucial for prioritizing critical vulnerabilities and preventing high-impact attacks in the cloud. By focusing on high-risk areas, security teams can create targeted remediation plans and effectively report on real threats across multiple cloud environments.

By adopting a comprehensive CTEM program, security teams can identify and fix the most impactful exposures that could compromise cloud resources, blocking high-impact attacks in multi-cloud environments. Prioritizing choke points and highly privileged accounts helps fortify cloud defenses and reduce the attack surface.

In hybrid environments, solutions that analyze hybrid attack paths across on-prem and multi-cloud environments empower security teams to stay ahead of cyber threats. By addressing critical exposures and blocking attack paths, organizations can transition from reactive to proactive defense, ensuring success in the cloud-based future.



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