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Meta Halts AI Training Using EU User Data Due to Privacy Concerns

Meta announced a delay in its plans to train large language models (LLMs) using public content from adult users on Facebook and Instagram in the European Union after a request from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC).

The company is disappointed by this pause, but it wants to address feedback from regulators and data protection authorities in the region.

The issue revolves around Meta’s intention to use personal data to train its AI models without explicit user consent, relying on the legal basis of ‘Legitimate Interests’ for processing data in the EU.

This delay affects Meta’s AI plans for Europe, where users were previously able to opt out of data usage before the changes were set to take effect on June 26.

Stefano Fratta from Meta expressed concern over this setback, stating that it hinders European innovation and competition in AI development.

Meta believes its approach complies with European laws and regulations and highlights the importance of training AI models on locally-collected information for a better user experience.

The delay will allow Meta to work with regulators and ensure compliance with privacy rights in the EU.

Noyb filed complaints in multiple European countries against Meta for potentially violating GDPR by collecting user data without proper consent.

Noyb criticized Meta’s claims and urged the company to obtain informed opt-in consent for processing user data.




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