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Introducing Reflectiz: A Revolutionary Solution for Managing Your Web Presence

An in-depth look into a proactive website security solution that continuously detects, prioritizes, and validates web threats, helping to mitigate security, privacy, and compliance risks. [Reflectiz shields websites from client-side attacks, supply chain risks, data breaches, privacy violations, and compliance issues]

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

Today’s websites are connected to dozens of third-party web apps, trackers, and open-source tools like pixels, tag managers, and JavaScript frameworks. Some of these elements are stored on public CDNs, while others are loaded from third-party web servers that may be unfamiliar. These external web components and data items are not always visible to standard security controls, and they often expose you to security threats such as supply chain risks, client-side attacks, and vulnerabilities in your online software. This means that these serious challenges will frequently go unnoticed. Moreover, security and privacy regulations like GDPR, the Cyber Resilience Act, and CCPA have become stricter, creating compliance issues that can lead to costly fines and reputation damage.

The Result: Your web threat exposure is larger than you think.

No More Blind Spots

Reflectiz’s sandbox solution continuously monitors all first-, third-, and fourth-party web apps, external domains, and data items. It detects vulnerabilities and risks in your online environment, providing complete visibility over your web threat exposure, to reveal things like forgotten tracking pixels that are still collecting users’ data long after they should have stopped, or malicious e-skimmers running in iFrames that quietly harvest credit card details. The platform then effectively prioritizes and remediates these security threats and compliance issues. The Reflectiz solution is executed remotely, requiring no installation. It does not impact your website performance and provides visibility over web components and data items that traditional web security tools may overlook. The platform’s intuitive user interface does not require any technical expertise.

Reflectiz’s Automated Detection Cycle – Proactive Security is Crucial for Managing Sophisticated Security Threats

In today’s sophisticated threat environments, security teams need to effectively scope, identify, prioritize, and address a wider range of threats imposed on their online businesses, shifting from merely fixing vulnerabilities to exposure management. Unlike traditional security tools, a proactive approach solution enables teams to continuously combat sophisticated web-based cyber threats, achieve enhanced visibility of their entire web exposure, and mitigate security and privacy risks before actual damage has been done. Want to try the Reflectiz platform? Sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

Analyzing the Web Risk Factors

Reflectiz has developed a unique proprietary browser that explores each webpage on a website, running it dynamically like a regular user. This allows it to analyze and monitor everything that happens on a webpage, including loaded components’ behaviors, Javascript execution, and network requests. This creates a broader view on your website’s immediate risks and threats. The browser acts like a super client-side proxy, ensuring that no activity on a given webpage goes undetected. The browser collects millions of events that Reflectiz processes, allowing the platform to perform root cause analysis and map the entire supply chain. All web components and their activities are monitored and analyzed for behavior changes, including scripts, iFrames, tags, pixels, cookies, and http-headers. The browser has no limitations and can see all activities on any webpage, including iFrames, non-origin content, and first-party components



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