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Increasing the Speed of Vendor Risk Assessments in the Era of SaaS Expansion

In today’s digital-first business environment dominated by SaaS applications, organizations increasingly rely on third-party vendors for essential cloud services and software solutions. As the number of vendors and services continues to grow, the complexity and potential vulnerabilities within the SaaS supply chain can quickly escalate. Effective vendor risk management (VRM) is crucial in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks to safeguard organizational assets and data integrity.

Unfortunately, traditional approaches to vendor risk assessments are often slow and static, ill-suited for the dynamic world of SaaS. Many organizations have adapted legacy evaluation techniques for on-premise software to apply to SaaS providers, leading to bottlenecks and increased risk acceptance. To adapt to the modern work environment, it is essential to shorten the timeline of initial assessments and increase iterative assessments over time.

Nudge Security provides a solution to address the need for a more flexible model by offering security profiles for over 97,000 SaaS apps. These profiles provide customers (and trial users) with comprehensive security context and AI-powered risk insights, including app descriptions, vendor details, breach histories, security certifications, data locality, supported authentication methods, and SaaS supply chain information.

With Nudge Security, organizations can:
– Accelerate vendor security reviews by accessing key details in one place
– Share a list of approved applications with employees
– Speed up vendor evaluations for new technology purchases
– Receive alerts on breaches affecting SaaS providers or the digital supply chain

By leveraging Nudge Security’s security profiles, organizations can streamline vendor risk management processes and enhance SaaS security posture. Nudge Security’s simple integration with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email providers allows for quick discovery of all SaaS accounts used within the organization, enabling rapid access to critical vendor security information.

Additionally, Nudge Security enables organizations to assign status to apps, create and share directories of approved applications, evaluate new technology purchases, explore SaaS supply chains, and receive alerts on breaches affecting SaaS providers. With Nudge Security’s comprehensive toolset, organizations can effectively manage third-party risk and strengthen their SaaS security posture.



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