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Factors to keep in mind when enhancing Operational Technology Cybersecurity

Operational Technology (OT) involves the hardware and software used to manage physical devices, processes, and events within an enterprise. Unlike traditional Information Technology (IT) systems, OT systems directly impact the physical world, making cybersecurity considerations unique. The merging of IT and OT has historically operated separately, each with its protocols and cybersecurity measures. However, with the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), these domains are converging, bringing increased efficiency and data-driven decision-making but also exposing OT systems to cyber threats.

In OT environments, real-time operation is crucial, and introducing cybersecurity measures that cause delays may not be suitable. Legacy OT systems can present challenges due to outdated hardware and software, lack of encryption, insecure communication protocols, limited ability to implement cybersecurity controls, and third-party remote connections vulnerability. Safety and reliability are paramount in OT environments, with a focus on maintaining physical process safety and ensuring system reliability.

Cybersecurity strategies in OT environments must balance the need for safety and reliability with data confidentiality and integrity, requiring a different approach compared to traditional IT security. As IT and OT convergence continues, the importance of OT cybersecurity grows. Encryption is essential for protecting sensitive data and communications in OT systems, and implementing cybersecurity measures that safeguard operations without compromising system functionality is crucial.

Obtaining a quote for an enterprise-grade PAM solution, tailored for OT environments, can ensure comprehensive security measures at an accessible cost.



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