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Attend Our Webinar on Safeguarding Human and Non-Human Identities in SaaS Platforms

Identities are the latest target for cybercriminals, focusing on SaaS applications vulnerable in this attack vector.

SaaS applications involve various identities, both human and non-human, such as service accounts, API keys, and OAuth authorizations. This exposes opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit, leading to data breaches, compliance issues, and financial losses.

While measures like multi-factor authentication and single sign-on help protect human identities, safeguarding non-human identities is more complex. Non-human accounts with high privileges for integration activities require different security tactics, including monitoring tools to detect suspicious behavior.

Despite the risks, non-human account activity is often ignored. Advanced security checks and tools like ITDR are essential to detect unusual behavior and strengthen identity fabric against attacks.

Join the webinar with Maor Bin, CEO of Adaptive Shield, to learn about identity risks in SaaS applications and how to enhance identity security.

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • The new attack surface: Insights on how cybercriminals exploit various identities in SaaS environments.
  • Identity-centric threats: Understanding the risks associated with compromised identities in SaaS environments.
  • Managing Identities: Detecting identity threats through SSPM and ITDR.

Register for the webinar to safeguard your organization from evolving cyber threats.



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